The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few… (Matt. 9:37)

We are the Evans Family from Florence, SC and the Lord has called us to serve Him as foreign missionaries in Sierra Leone, West Africa! Our family is an ordinary, everyday American family desiring to accomplish the extraordinary through serving our Savior via taking the Gospel message to those with little access. We also have a passion to connect our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and the resources the that belong to Him with His ultimate plan of reaching every creature with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Sierra Leone is a wide open harvest field that must be reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ while the window of opportunity is open and the people are receptive to the message. It is no accident that you are on our website viewing the specific ministry God has called us to and the responsibility we all have reaching all people with the truth of Jesus Christ. The question is: How will you now respond? It our desire to partner with you in this mission as your representatives on the field. We desperately want you on our team and for you to receive your promised future reward from our Lord!

What’s Happening in Sierra Leone?

God is doing amazing things in Sierra Leone right now and we need to seize this very real opportunity of reaching these people with the Good News before the door closes! Although this country is dominated by Islam and animism, the people of Sierra Leone are very receptive to the Gospel with unprecedented numbers of lost souls turning from their false religions and placing their faith in Christ each year!

Our plans are to work as a team alongside veteran missionaries Mike and Diane Peper whom the Lord has used to plant more than a dozen local churches (pastored by nationals), start several Christian elementary schools, establish a Bible College and also play a significant role in the training of national military chaplains. Another major influence of this ministry is an annual conference in which the Gospel is preached to hundreds of military personnel and government officials as well as Bible distribution.

However, in Sierra Leone (estimated population – 8 million) there┬ástill remains much work to be done and there are very few church planting missionaries in this country. In effectively working together with our team, we will continue advance to Gospel message, make disciples that reproduce and bear fruit, and plant more local New Testament churches in an effort to impact West Africa!